Author: Heather McAlendin 
Location: Ontario, Canada     
Signature: Heather McAlendin

Ms. McAlendin is a Toronto based fiction writer. She is currently the author of  3 novels and various novellas and e-books and has recently branched out into erotic romance under the pseudonym, Eroica St. Finian.

Along with writing, Heather's second passion is photography and has gotten wonderful reviews for her natural light photos.

Heather is the proud  mother of a teenage son who shares her love of books.


by Gail Sattler
Vancouver: The Gem of Canada Is Aglow With Four Romances

The Gem of Canada Is Aglow With Four Romances

What's the best thing about living in a beautiful modern city-being surrounded by buildings, people, and activity? Or just getting away from it all? Meet four women who hold differing views of life in Canada's jeweled city. . .

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